A brief background

My qualifications include a VTCT Level 3 in Reflexology and a Specialist Diploma in Maternity Reflexology.  I have also attained a Diploma in Indian Head, Back, Neck and Shoulder Massage (with Facial Acupressure).

I am passionate about helping my clients to relax and feel rejuvenated.  Stressful lives often lead us to be experiencing tension; sleep disturbance and result in illness.  

Furthermore, research has shown that there is a direct correlation between physical and emotional well-being.  I understand this link as I have a Psychology Degree and a Medical background (having worked as a Midwife and Health Visitor).  I am currently training to become a Counsellor.

The therapies I offer balance the mind and body, whereby I take a holistic approach and treat clients individually.  

A health questionnaire is completed to enable me to achieve this - whereby a privacy policy in place for you to read and agree to initially (following GDPR).    

I am fully insured and meet high professional standards.  

The treatments I offer mean that there is no need to get undressed.  Please wear loose comfortable clothes - so that you are in a good position to 'switch off' from life and reap the benefits of some valuable 'me time'.

My Services

I travel around Thame and surrounding areas (Up to 10 miles radius - in order to travel outside of this there will be an additional cost due to time/petrol required)

An infection control certificate has been optained following covid-19 and I also use the required PPE.  


This is a relaxing, non-invasive treatment which leaves you feel truly pampered.  The health benefits are a bonus!  I treat people with sinus issues and digestive complaints (IBS/constipation) and have helped with mobility issues affecting the hips/knees - or joint inflammation and oedema.  Sports injuries can lead to pain in  the foot/heel and there can be strains from muscles/ligaments.   The power of Reflexology is underestimated until you have tried it and then you realise it is more than just a massage.  Clients have reported feeling that tension has reduced instantly and are often aware of tiredness as the healing process begins.  Positively, an improvement in sleeping patterns often occurs and clients have expressed that they feel they can manage any pain/discomfort more effectively.  I strive to make a difference to a persons health and well-being.

I use a specialist Reflexology chair, however, if you would prefer to use your own reclining chair/bed,  that is absolutely fine.

Indian Head, Back, Neck and Shoulder Massage

 This is a beneficial treatment as although this therapy began as simply Indian Head Massage it has been expanded to include the other areas where we tend to harbour tension.  A significant number of clients experience holding onto stress in the Neck and Shoulder area.  This could also be related to  posture or remaining in one position, for example sitting at a desk for a length of time.  There are many other advantages such as stimulating hair growth; circulatory and lymphatic stimulation.  This form of massage is very kind to hair but hair styles will be disturbed!  I also use a safe, essential oil to enhance the experience but of course is optional if you would rather have dry hair.  This relaxing treatment introduces elements of Reiki as it primarily focuses on the three higher chakra's - mind, body and spirit - as a means of balancing.   I use a specialist chair and you remain fully clothed.

Maternity Reflexology

I have a specialist qualification which covers pre-conception (which is beneficial if you are struggling to conceive); antenatal (following 12 weeks gestation), which is helpful to ease pregnancy related ailments (e.g. nausea/backache /insomnia).  Clients often choose Reflexology to prepare the body for labour and it is thought to help with pain relief and the duration of labour!  Postnatally, Reflexology can aid sleep when the body craves rest;  improve breastfeeding lactation and help the body to return to its pre-pregnancy condition.

Hand Reflexology

The hands and feet both have pressure points which represent parts of the body.  Clients have expressed that this treatment is beneficial for stiff arthritic joints and that hand massage helps them release tension and loosens the ligaments.  Hand Reflexology can be carried out on its own or in addition to the other treatments.  Clients have benefited from finding out which parts of the hand relate to different parts of the body - and this enables them to self-treat.  This  is particularly useful as a number of people are not mobile enough to reach their own  feet - plus it's not always acceptable to be massaging your feet in the company of others!

Facial Acupressure 

Pressing certain reflex points stimulates circulation to the facial skin and promotes lymphatic flow and removal of toxins.  Some of my clients  have shared that this treatment helps with reducing sinus issues and headaches.  Energy  levels and the flow of Chi can be improved while a person can feel some of the stress and anxiety which they hold onto,  melt away (which often results in an improvement in sleeping patterns).


Reflexology (Feet) £40

(50 minutes)

Reflexology Hands £15 (20 minutes)

Indian Head, Back, Neck and Shoulder Massage £30

(35 minutes)

Facial Acupressure £10

(just under 15 minutes)

Treatments include completing  a confidential health questionnaire  initially (with a consultation) to ensure individual needs are being met. 

Taking a holistic approach is paramount to improve health and well- being.  My treatments concentrate on more than  simply relaxation.  

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Pamper Package offers

Reflexology (Feet) and Indian Head, Back, Neck and Shoulder Massage £65  

plus Facial Acupressure £75

Reflexology (Feet and Hands) £50

Other possible combinations:

Reflexology (Feet) and Facial acupressure £50

Indian Head, Back, Neck and Shoulder Massage with  Reflexology (Hands) or Facial Acupressure £40

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Gift Vouchers available

Treat someone you love or other suggestions include:

- Mothers/Fathers Day

- Valentines

- Birthday

- Christmas

-Wedding or Anniversary

-New Baby/Graduation/

Moving house

- To say 'thank you'

- Help to reduce stress levels

There are times when life can feel very ‘busy’ or difficulties arise .  

However, it can be beneficial to take time out too, so that mind and body can be balanced and we have the opportunity take care of  ourselves.

Please contact me to arrange an appointment at a time to suit you.

Telephone/text- 01844218278/01844218278

Email -

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